My Secret Picture Book


I would like to share with you my very first artistic creation. You will find out what prompted me to start on this creative path later in my life.

When I was at a crossroad where I had to decide what I would do for the rest of my life, a long forgotten memory came back to me. I remembered the picture book I created when I was a child. 

I remembered the experience of creating the book, which seemed to happen out of nowhere. I was a child who just liked to doodle. I had never attempted to create a picture book before nor after that time. On that day I felt inspired so I started to create a picture book. Just like that. Soon I completed a 6-page picture book and I felt satisfied. Then immediately I put it away into my closet. I didn’t show nor mention about it to anyone.

This memory brought me back to the pure joy of creating something for myself and I wanted to experience that again. So my childhood dream of becoming an artist was ignited again.

After walking on this creative path for a few years, I realize that this is the original spark that I need to revisit from time to time, especially when I became doubtful and discouraged. Now I know the challenge of this path. Creating something out of an inspiration is fun and exciting. The challenge is what happens after that. My excitement was often deflated when I posted my creations on social media because my focus shifted to likes and new followers. I felt discouraged since my excitement for my creation didn’t seem to excite more people. But that has never been important. The joy of creating things for itself was and is enough for me. Now I appreciate those who have been supportive of me from the very beginning. Thanks to you I am still here.

So I am now ready to share my secret picture book.

read my secret picture book

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