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The Pigeons of Los Angeles - Mini-Comic - Softcover

The Pigeons of Los Angeles - Mini-Comic - Softcover

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At Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles, the pigeons are usually content and easygoing. They are preoccupied with looking for food or romance. Or just dozing off. But today something isnʼt right – the pigeons are not on their feet but are lying on their backs! They are saying that theyʼve gotten tired of the way theyʼve been treated by humans and that they donʼt care anymore. Oh no, this isnʼt good....Hawks may be circling to look for their next meal! Can this group of pigeons return to their usual selves before itʼs too late?!

The Pigeons of Los Angeles unfolds a forgotten incident of pigeons in the city of Los Angeles that took place in the early 1900ʼs. Youʼll be uplifted reading this historical tale of tragedy and triumph. A must-read story for all pigeons and humans!

This comic is most appropriate for older children to adults.

Click here to read about how The Pigeons of Los Angeles came to be.

Pages 20
ISBN 978-0-9856103-2-6
Language English
Size 6.5 x 8.5 inches
Cover / Inside Pages Color / Black & White

The Pigeons of Los Angeles was a winner of a 2021 MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) Mini-Grant.

Reader Reviews

Five Star Reviews!

Perfect five-star rating on Amazon!

(The Pigeons of Los Angeles was originally published on Amazon KDP.)

“I will forever look at pigeons so differently! To be honest, I am super surprised at how I couldn’t stop reading this book.…..Pigeons do get a bum rap, and I had no idea of any of this history. The author/illustrator has done a beautiful job of weaving in the universal message of finding inner strength through crisis. What a great story for what we’re all experiencing now with this pandemic. Well-done!” - Paolina M.

“Fantastic comic book for older kids to adults, very entertaining and teaches a good lesson about finding inner strength to overcome life challenges. If you are feeling down or low in life, this will give you hope and make you feel better. Has great pictures and a fun story about pigeons in LA that I never knew about!” - Elizabeth

“Lovely whimsical comic book story about often maligned city pigeons who have a history of their own in Los Angeles. Demi’s artwork is simple but sophisticated at the same time and carries the story in a very entertaining way. It made me smile a lot! In these trying times, this is an uplifting tale.” - M. H.

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