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How to Solve a Problem - Mini-comic - Softcover

How to Solve a Problem - Mini-comic - Softcover

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Got problem? No problem. 

How to Solve a Problem is a handy manual for when you encounter a problem in your life.

Life doesn’t seem to lack problems. Some problems are tiny enough that we can shake them off easily; some are so huge that they overwhelm us. And when we are overwhelmed, it’s hard to deal with a problem not to mention to solve it. That is when this little manual may help.

At the center of the book is a practical flowchart to apply to any problem you have. You will be guided to go to a certain page to keep reading to solve your problem.

How to Solve a Problem can help you to organize your confused thoughts and lead to a plan to solve your problem. And, remember, you aren’t alone when you face a problem.

This comic is most appropriate for teens to adults.

Pages 12
ISBN 978-0-98561033-3
Language English
Size 6.0 x 6.0 inches
Cover / Inside Pages Color / Black & White

Reader Comments

"Now I'll always know how to solve a problem!" - GG

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