"The Fire Boy"

Demi at 10

A few years ago I found this picture book buried in dust at my childhood home in Japan. The date written on the last page revealed that I was 13 years old when I made it. The content may not make sense in some parts but I translated it as it is written.


Photo: Demi at 10 years old

The cover of "The Fire Boy"

Page 1

One winter, many years ago, a fire boy was born. It's a fire! The large two-story house was burning with rising flames. People thought that everyone had escaped.

Page 2

But Little Mary was on the second floor. She was asleep not realizing what was going on. When she finally woke up, the flames were very near her...

page 3

The fire boy saw Mary crying. He handed a flower to her saying "Please don't cry." But the flower wilted immediately and Mary didn't stop crying.

page 4

All he wanted was to become friends with her...

page 5

Tears started to flow from the eyes of the fire boy. One big drop fell on the withered flower. It was instantly revived but at that moment the fire boy was extinguished.

page 6

Mary was rescued. From the ashes, many red flowers bloomed. Winter became Spring. The fire boy might have turned into the flowers.