About Demi Naito

Demi Naito at VanCAF 2023

Hi, I'm Demi, a comic artist and writer.

I was born and raised in Japan. After moving to the US, my childhood dream of becoming an artist was put aside. But finally, after many years, in 2019, I started taking art classes again. By accident, I took a comic course, which led me to make my first mini-comic, The Pigeons of Los Angeles, for which I received a MICE Mini-Grant Award from the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo. This encouraged me to make my second comic, Mourning Doves Are People, Too, which also won a MICE Mini-Grant.

I get my inspiration from animals, nature, and the universe. I currently live in Los Angeles with my partner and the mourning doves who visit everyday. 

I love to travel, and because of my comics I've been able to attend the following Indie Comic Festivals.

  • 2022 Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF)
  • 2022 MICE, Boston
  • 2023 Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VanCAF)
  • 2023 AnaCon, Anaheim, California
  • 2023 Thought Bubble, Harrogate, UK
  • 2024 CRUSHES Art Show & Zine Fest, Los Angeles
  • 2024 TCAF
  • 2024 VanCAF

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Official Bio

Demi Naito is a comic artist who created her very first comic book, The Pigeons of Los Angeles, after taking a comic course in 2019. It received a 2021 MICE Mini-Grant which encouraged her to keep creating comics. She made her second comic book, Mourning Doves Are People, Too, in 2022, which also received a MICE Mini-Grant. Her two comics are based on true events that happened in history and from her daily life. She receives inspiration from animals and nature. She is originally from Japan and is now based in Los Angeles.