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Mourning Doves Are People, Too - Mini-Comic - Softcover

Mourning Doves Are People, Too - Mini-Comic - Softcover

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It was the Spring of 2020, the height of the pandemic and quarantine, when I saw a mourning dove perched on the fence of my condoʼs courtyard. Day after day, the dove continued to appear. Eventually, I thought about putting out some seeds. Little did I know this would become the beginning of a unique relationship that changed my view of mourning doves and opened my eyes to the nature around me.

Mourning Doves Are People, Too is a comic journal of my encounters with a group of mourning doves during this remarkable year.

Mourning doves are one of the most common birds in North America. They are everywhere around us. I invite you to get to know your winged neighbors!

This comic is most appropriate for older children to adults.

Click here to read the backstory to Mourning Doves Are People, Too.

Pages 24
ISBN 978-0-9856103-1-9
Language English
Size 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Cover / Inside Pages Color / Black & White

Mourning Doves Are People, Too was a winner of a 2022 MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) mini-grant.



Reader Reviews

Five Star Reviews!

Perfect five-star rating on Etsy!

"I’m absolutely in love with this book - it’s just the cutest thing on the planet. I also didn’t expect to learn so much, it’s also educational and heartwarming. I got it as a gift and the person I gave it to stopped in the middle of opening presents just to read it and wouldn’t put it down! My entire household loved it." - Holly R.

"Another great comic book by Demi Naito! It has very cute illustrations and it’s educational. You will see how Mourning Doves are really like people!" - Elizabeth A.

"I love the meaning and significance behind the book! I discovered it after receiving visits from my own mourning dove. She and this book are amazing!!" - Julia P.

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