Someone Is Watching Over You

Dove from bottom

I know that life could be beautiful and full of joy. But I’ve had some mornings where I felt I have no motivation left to get up and keep going. Well, today was my latest one. 

These have been difficult days for me. Today I overslept. I finally got up and opened the blinds. I looked for a lone dove that I had been noticing often perched on the electric line when I opened the blinds. I found him farther down the line than usual. 

Then I saw the fluttering of a mourning dove coming down near the veranda. I was surprised at this movement. The mourning doves usually visit the first floor courtyard but not here. He disappeared behind the neighbor’s wall. Soon I saw him appearing on the veranda ledge walking toward me. He stopped at the corner where he could command the best view of the area. I was moved by this surprise visit and a sense of joy and gratitude filled me up. I said to him, “I love you. I appreciate you.” I felt l was touched by a light when I thought I was in total darkness.

He was there just looking at me. I‘ve had only a few birds visiting this veranda over the last several years since we lived here. They would show themselves for a moment and quickly leave. But this dove stayed even though I was talking to him.

I started to prepare for the day and when I came back to the door, he was still sitting there. I gestured I was going downstairs saying, “I will fill the plate. You must be hungry.”

I saw him fly down while I was eating breakfast. Then a little later another dove came and chased him away.

I have heard that life in itself has no meaning, but that we grant meaning to it. Recently, I was heartbroken because I lost the meaning I had granted to my life. I didn’t know how to pick myself up from there. Then this dove visited me at this moment of darkness. Call it synchronicity or not, I decided to give a meaning to this incident. Maybe this is an answered prayer. And maybe joy is still here waiting to be found.

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