Moniko’s Stargazing B&Bs

Moniko's Stargazing B&B's

Here is more art work from the past. 

I have started to see the effect of creating my own website. In order to add content, I feel I am gathering the scattered pieces of my life. I was a creative child, and then I let go of that part of me when I became an adult.

I created this art work when I was a college student. I felt like this opportunity just fell on my lap. Some college guy I met introduced me to the editors of a monthly astronomy magazine. They gave me an assignment without knowing me. It was to visit a bed and breakfast inn that featured astronomy in some way, stay the night, and write a one page article each month for a year. They would arrange the stay, but everything else was left entirely up to me. They suggested to include some illustrations. I didn’t have any experience whatsoever but I was young and fearless. I came up with the artwork you see above. I called it, Moniko’s Stargazing B&B’s.

The funny thing is this is almost exactly the same as what I did with my first comic story decades later. It seems like I had my simple style, if I can call it that, in me whenever I needed to use it. And this realization reminds me what I like to do. That is, to tell a story with illustrations.

I guess I am reinventing myself.

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